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Welcome to the Dunbar DNA Project

The name DUNBAR can be traced back to Gospatric I, 1040-1115, in Scotland with the Royal roots of Dunbar going back even further.  In the words of Sir Robert Douglas "No name in Scotland can boast of a more Noble name than Dunbar."  Over the centuries, Gospatric's descendants have multiplied and ventured from Scotland to distant lands all over the world. 

The Dunbar Surname DNA Project was created in an attempt to discover our true Dunbar ancestry and how the various Dunbar lines around the world are related.  With the use of a simple inexpensive DNA test, we can compare each Dunbar line or individual and determine if they share a common ancestor. 

There is much we know about Dunbar history, but there's much more we don't know.  This will be a Study to gain more knowledge and fill-in the gaps that have been a mystery until now.  

Surname DNA testing is the newest tool available to genealogists. These tests help genealogists verify their paternal ancestry (father's father) in a quick and easy way. It saves time, prevents mistakes, and provides invaluable data that can
be obtained in no other way.

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