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Genetic Genealogy is the new way to begin or add to your research.  If you have hit a brick wall, canít find any documentation for that elusive ancestor, canít find your ancestorís homeland, curious if youíre related to another Dunbar family, then this new science is for you.

I have been working on our Family genealogy over 20 years and could only get back to 1780 Bucks County, Pennsylvania with no known ancestor connections other then my Fatherís direct line of descent. With this Project, in less than a year, I have found new cousins and discovered my family descends from the House of Dunbar c975 Scotland.  It was the best money I ever spent.  I could have saved a lot of time and money if only this new researching tool had been available 20 years ago.  

Please enjoy the information I have put together. I hope you decide to join our project and I look forward to meeting you and assisting to help you discover your true Dunbar ancestors.

Debra Dunbar Nowell

  This DNA Project is dedicated to my father, Donn Dunbar, the first Dunbar DNA Pioneer (D-1).  He and I were co-Administrators of the Dunbar Surname DNA Project beginning in May 2005 until his death in March 2006. 

I want to thank my sister, Kiersten Chace, for her web design and IT knowledge for making this web site possible.   

Debra Dunbar Nowell
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