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Family Lineage


Dunbar Royal Lineage

    • The Ancient House of Dunbar
      • Crinan, b. 975 k. 1045 (Lay Abbot of Dunkeld) m. Bethoc (daughter of Malcolm II, King of Scotland)
        • Duncan I , King of Scotland 1034-40  Murdered by Macbeth
        • Maldred , King of Cumbria b. 1005, d. 1045, m. Algatha (grandchild of Ethelred, King of England)
          • Gospatric, (The Lord Gospatric, Earl of Northumberland, the first to hold Dunbar and an Heir to the thrones of England & Scotland) b. 1040   d. 1115





Name Reign Notes   Name Reign Notes
The House of Alpin   The West Saxons
Kenneth I 843858          
Donald I 858862 Kenneth I's brother        
Constantine I 862877 Kenneth I's son   Alfred the Great 871899 Recognized as leader of all free Englishmen under the Treaty of Wedmore, 878
ed 877878 Kenneth I's son  
Eochaid 878889 ed's nephew / Jointly with Giric ?  
Giric 878889 ed's first cousin ?  
Donald II 889900 Constantine I's son   Edward the Elder 899924 Alfred's son
Constantine II 900943 ed's son   lfweard 924 Edward's son, king of Wessex only
Malcolm I 943954 Donald II's son   Athelstan 924939 Edward's son, the first de facto king of all England
Indulf 954962 Constantine II's son   Edmund I 939946 Edward's son
  Edred 946955 Edward's son
  Edwy the Fair 955959 Edmund's son
  Edgar the Peaceable 959975 Edmund's son
Dub 962966 Malcolm I's son  
Cuiln 966971 Indulf's son  
Kenneth II
971? Malcolm I's son   St Edward the Martyr 975978 Edgar's son
Amlab ?977 Indulf's son  
Kenneth II 977995 2nd reign   Ethelred the Unready 9781013
Edgar's son
Ethelred's granddaughter married Maldred. Maldred is the son of Crinan
Constantine III
995997 Cuiln's son  
Kenneth III
9971005 Dub's son  
Malcolm II
10051034 Kenneth II's son
Malcolm's daughter 'Bethoc' married Crinan.
Crinan and Bethoc's children are Maldred and Duncan I.
Duncan I
10341040 Malcolm II's grandson.
Parents are Bethoc and Crinan.
Duncan was murdered by MacBeth.

10401057 Kenneth III's granddaughter's husband.
Married to 'Docoa' daughter of Malcolm II.



Gospatrick Family Lineage

Atholl   House of Atholl (or Dunkeld) of Scotland , Crinan, Duncan I, Maldred, Gospatrick, Earls of Huntingdon, Earls of Orkney
Dunbar 1   Dunbar of Cumnock, Dunbar of Dunbar, Dunbar of Kilconquhar, Dunbar of Lothian, Dunbar of March
Dunbar 2   Dunbar of Aldcash, Dunbar of Baldoon, Dunbar of Conzie, Dunbar of Durris, Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of Kilbuyack, Dunbar of Mochrum, Dunbar of Moray, Dunbar of Newton, Dunbar of Northfield, Dunbar of Thunderton, Dunbar of Westfield
Dunbar 3   Dunbar of Durn, Dunbar of Grangehill
Dunbar 4   Dunbar of Burgie, Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of West Grange, Tulloch of Burgie



Families covered: House of Atholl (or Dunkeld) of Scotland, Earls of Huntingdon, Earls of Orkney

1  Duncan, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld 
A. Crinan, Thane, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld (b c975, d 1045)
m. (c1000) Bethoc (b 984, d 1045, dau of Malcolm II, King of Scots)
i. Duncan I, King of Scots (d 14.10.1040)
  a. Malcolm III 'Canmore', King of Scots (b c1031, d Alnwick 13.11.1093)
m1. (c1059) Ingibiorg (d before 1070, dau of Finn Arnasson, Jarl of Halland)
-1 Duncan II, King of Scots (b 1060, d 12.11.1094)
m. (c1090) Ethelreda of Northumberland (dau of Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar)
(A) William FitzDuncan of Skipton, 'Earl of Moray' (d 1154)
  m. Alice le Meschin (dau of William le Meschin of Copeland)
(i) Cicely FitzDuncan, 'Lady of Skipton'
m. Guillaume 'le Gros', Count of Aumale, Lord of Holderness (d 20.08.1179)
(ii) Amabilis FitzDuncan 
m. Reginald de Lucie, Governor of Nottingham (a temp Henry II 1154-1189)
(iii) Alix or Alice FitzDuncan (d 1215)
  m1. Gilbert Pipard
  m2. Robert de Courtenay
(iv) William FitzDuncan of Egremont (d young)
(v) William MacWilliam FitzDuncan of Egremont (d after 1155)
m1. Gruaidh of Moray (dau of Heth, Earl of Moray)
(a) Donald MacWilliam (d 31.07.1187)
((1)) daughter
m. _ MacEwan 
((2))+ other issue - Godfrey (d 1213), Donald (d 15.06.1215), Gillescop 
(b) Gospatrick MacWilliam of Airton (d before 1208)
  m2. Ochtreda (dau of Alan of Allerdale)
    partner unknown
(vi) Donald FitzDuncan 
(2)+ other issue - Malcolm (a 1094), Donald (d 1085)
m2. (1068/9) Margaret Atheling 'the Saint' (d 16.11.1093, dau of Edward Atheling)
-4 Edmund, King of Scots (d c1100, joint ruler of Scotland 1094-1097)
-5 Edward, Prince of Cumbria (d 16.11.1093)
-6 Ethelred, Earl of Fife, Abbot of Dunkeld
-7 Edgar, King of Scots (b c1074, d unm 08.01.1107, ruler 1097-1107)
-8 Alexander I, King of Scots (b c1077, d 23.04.1124)
m. Sybilla (d 12.07.1122, dau of King Henry I of England)
partner unknown
(A) Malcolm
-9 David I, King of Scots (b c1080, d 24.05.1152-3)
m. (c1114) Matilda of Huntingdon (dau of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon)
  (A) Henry, Earl of Huntingdon (dvp 12.06.1152, 2nd son)
m. (1139) Ada / Adeline de Warrenne (d 1178, dau of William de Warrenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey)
(i) Malcolm IV 'the Maiden', King of Scots (b 20.03.1141-2, d unm 09.12.1165)
(ii) William 'the Lion', King of Scots (b c1143, d 04.12.1214)
  m. (05.09.1186) Ermengarde de Bellomont (d 11.02.1233-4, dau of Richard, Viscount de Bellomont)
(a) Alexander II, King of Scots (b 24.08.1198, 08.07.1249)
m1. (19.06.1221) Joan Plantagenet (dsp 04.03.1237-8, dau of King John of England)
m2. (12/5.05.1239) Maria de Coucy (dau of Enguerand III, Baron de Coucy)
((1)) Alexander III, King of Scots (b 04.09.1241, 19.03.1286)
m1. (26.12.1251) Margaret of England (d 26.02.1275, dau of King Henry III of England)
((A)) Alexander of Scotland (b 21.01.1263-4, dsp 28.01.1283-4)
m. (15.11.1282) Margaret of Flanders (dau of Guy, Count of Flanders)
  ((B)) David of Scotland (b 20.03.1272-3, d unm 06.1281)
((C)) Margaret of Scotland (b 28.02.1260-1, d 09.04.1283)
m. (31.08.1281) Eirik II Magnusson, King of Norway (b 1268, d 15.07.1299)
  ((i)) Margaret, Queen of Scots, the Maid of Norway (b before 09.04.1283, d unm 26.09.1290)
  m2. (14.10.1285) Yolande de Dreux (dau of Robert IV, Count de Dreux)
  partner unknown 
  ((2)) Marjory
m. Alan Durward
  (b) Margaret of Scotland (dsps 1295 ??)
  m. (1221) Hubert de Bourgh, Earl of Kent (d 04.03.1243)
  (c) Isabella of Scotland
  m. Roger Bigod, 4th Earl of Norfolk (b 1212/3, dsp 03/04.07.1270)
  (d) Marjory of Scotland (dsp 17.11.1244)
  m. (01.08.1235) Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke
    p. ?? Matilda Ferrers
  (e) Robert, later Lundin of Lundie (d before 1235 ?)
  m. daughter of Thomas de Lundin
partner(s) unknown 
  (f) Henry Galightly
  ((1)) Patrick Galightly (a 1291)
    p. ?? Avenel (dau of Roger Avenel)
  (g) Isabella
  m1. (1183) Robert de Brus, younger of Allandale (dvpsp by 1191)
  m2. (1191) Robert de Ros of Hamlake, 'Farfan', Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1227)
    partner unknown 
  (h) Ada
  m. (1184) Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian (b 1152, d 31.12.1232)
    p. ?? de Hythus (dau of Adam de Hythus)
  (i) Margaret
  m. (1193) Eustace de Vesci of Alnwick (b c1170, d 08.1216)
    partner unknown 
  (j) Aufrica
m. William de Say (dvp before 01.08.1177)
(iii) David 'Etherington', Earl of Huntingdon (b c1144, 17.06.1219)
m. (26.08.1190) Maud de Meschines (dau of Hugh 'Keveliok' de Meschines, 3rd Earl of Chester)
(a) John le Scot, Earl of Chester and Huntingdon (dsp 05.06.1237, 3rd son)
m. (1222) Helen of Wales (d 1253, dau of Llewelyn the Great, Prince of North Wales)
  (b) Margaret of Huntingdon
m. (1209) Alan, Lord of Galloway (d 1234)
(c) Isobel of Huntingdon
m. Sir Robert de Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale (d 1245)
  (d) Ada of Huntingdon
m. Henry de Hastings of Ashill (d 1250)
  (e)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Robert (d infant), Matilda (d young)
  partner(s) unknown 
(h) Henry of Stirling (dsp)
(i) Henry of Brechin 
m. Juliana
((1)) Sir William de Brechin (d by 1292)
m. Eleanor Comyn (dau of Alexander Comyn)
  ((A)) David, lord of Brechin (d 1320)
m1. Margaret de Bonkyl (d 1304, dau of Sir Alexander de Bonkyl)
David, lord of Brechin (dsp 1320)D
((ii)) Margaret de Brechin
m. (26.03.1315) Sir David Barclay of Brechin (d 1350/1)
m2. ? Bruce (sister of King Robert I)
(j) Ada
m. Malise de Strathearn of Muthil, etc (d before 1214)
  (iv) Ada of Scotland 
  m. (28.08.1161/2) Floris III, Count of Holland (b c1141, d 01.08.1190) 
(v) Margaret of Scotland 
m1. (1160) Conon IV, Duke of Brittany, Earl of Richmond (b c1138, d 20.02.1171)
m2. Humphrey de Bohun, 'Earl of Hereford', Constable of England
(vi) Matilda of Scotland (d 1152)
  (B)+ other issue - Malcolm (d young), Claricia (d unm), Hodierna (d unm)
-10 Matilda (d young)
-11 Matilda of Scotland (b 1079, d 01.05.1118)
m. (1100) Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England (b 1068, d 01.12.1135) 
-12 Mary of Scotland (d 31.05.1116)
m. (1102) Eustache III, Count of Boulogne and Lens (d after 1125)
b. Donald III Bane, King of Scots (d c1100, ruled 1093-1097 except for spell in 1094)
-1 Bethoc
m. Uchtred of Tynedale (son of Waldef)
(A) Hextilda
m1. (c1145) Richard de Comyn, Justiciar (d c1179)
m2. Malcolm, 2nd Earl of Atholl (a 1178, d before 08.1198) see @@@ below
  c. Melmar (Mailmuir) 
-1 Madach, 1st Earl of Atholl (d c1147)
m1. ??
(A) Malcolm of Atholl (dvp)
(i) Malcolm, 2nd Earl of Atholl (d before 08.1198)
m1. ??
(a) Simon of Atholl 
(b) Henry, 3rd Earl of Atholl (d before 1211)
m. Margaret
((1)) Isabella, Countess of Atholl (d 1236)
m1. Thomas of Galloway, Earl of Atholl (d before 08.1232)
  ((A)) Patrick, Earl of Atholl (dsp by 1242)
m2. Alan of Lundin, Durward, Earl of Atholl (d 1275)
  ((B)) Lora, 'Countess of Atholl' (d 1269)
((2)) Fernelith, Countess of Atholl 
m. (by 1243) Sir David of Hastings, Earl of Atholl (d 1269)
  ((A)) Ada, Countess of Atholl
m. John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl
  partner unknown
((3)) Conan of Glenerochie (a 1220) 
  ((A)) Ewen, 2nd of Glenerochie 
m. Mary (dau of Convalt, son of Duncan of Tullibardine)
((i)) Angus, 3rd of Glenerochie 
  ((a)) Andrew de Atholl, 4th of Glenerochie 
(((1))) Duncan de Atholl, 5th of Glenerochie (a 1346)
m. dau of Malcolm, 5th Earl of Lennox
(c) Christina/Margaret of Atholl
m. Thomas of Lundin, Durward (d 1231)
(d)+ other issue - Duncan, Malcolm, Bedoch
m2. Hextilda (dau of Uchtred of Tynedale) see @@@ above
m2. Margaret, Countess of Orkney (dau of Hakon Paulson, Earl of Orkney)
(B) Harald Maddadson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (b 1134, d 1206)
  Some sources show his son Heinrick, Earl of Ross, as by his first marriage but this is thought unlikely given that the connection to Ross came through his second marriage.
m1. (div) Afreka of Fife (dau of Duncan, 4th Earl of Fife)
(i)+ issue - Hakon (d 1170), Helen, Margaret
m2. Gornflaeth of Ross (dau of Malcolm, Earl of Ross)
(iv) Heinrek Haraldsson, Earl of Ross (d 06.1215, 3rd son)
(v) David Haraldsson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (d 1214)
  (vi) John I Haraldsson, Earl of Orkney and Caithness (d 1231)
(a) Harold Johnsson (d 1226)
(b) Joan Johnsdottir 
m. Freskin of Moray, Lord of Duffus
  (vii) Marjory Haraldsdottir possibly the same person as one of those shown as her sisters
m. Gilchrist, 4th Earl of Angus (d 1207-1211)
(viii)+ other issue - Thorfinn (d 1202), Gunnhild, Herborga, Langlif, Roderick (d 1196)
  d. Beatrix of Scotland
  m. Bartolf / Bartholomew (d c1121)
ii. Maldred of Atterdale, 'King of Cumbria' (d 1045)
m. Edith/Aeldgyth (dau of Uchtred, 5th lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria)
  a. Dolfin (a 1092) reported in TCP (Dunbar)
b. Waltheof (a c1126) reported in TCP (Dunbar)
m. Sigrid 
-1 Alan (a 08.1139, dspms)
  -2 Gospatric (a c1156, possibly illegitimate) 
(A) Waltheof (dspm before 1200) 
c. Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar (b c1040, a 1072)
d. Maldred of Winlaton (a 1084)
-1 Uchtred FitzMaldred (a 1116)
  It is difficult to distinguish between the various Maldreds, Uchtreds and Cospatricks who were powerful in the north of England around this period, some of whom were related to each other by blood and others by marriage. Initially we showed Dolfin, lord of Raby, as son of Uchtred FitzGospatric on 'Swinton01'. We now follow the general consensus that he fits here.
(A) Dolfin, lord of Raby (a 1131)
(i) Maldred, lord of Raby (d c1195)
(a) Robert FitzMaldred
m. Isabel de Nevill (dau of Geoffrey de Nevill)
(ii) Sir Patric FitzDolfin of Offerton
  iii. daughter
m. Moddan of Dalr, Earl of Caithness (d Thurso 1040)
a. Helga Moddandottir 
m. Hakon Paulson, Earl of Orkney
b. Ottar, Earl 
c. Frakok Moddansdottir 
m. Liot the Worthless

Main sources:
(1) The Scots Peerage (Kings of Scotland), Burke's Peerage P1934 (Kings of Scotland), The Scots Peerage (Atholl).
(2) "The Royal Line of Succession" by Pitkin Guides Ltd (1996 reprint). ISBN 0-85372-404-0.
(3) For Glenerochie: BLG1952 (Robertson of Struan).
(4) For FitzDuncan/MacWilliam: 'RoyalData', GenEU.

Dunbar 1

Families covered:
Dunbar of Cumnock, Dunbar of Dunbar, Dunbar of Kilconquhar, Dunbar of Lothian, Dunbar of March

Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar (b c1040, a 1072)
1 Dolfin, Lord of Cumbria
2 Waldeve (Waltheof), Lord of Allerdale
m. Sigrid / Sigarith
A. Alan (a 08.1139) 
i. Waldeve (dvpspm) 
B. Gospatric of Bolton, etc (a 1154)
i. Waldeve (d before 1200)
a. Christiana
m. Duncan Lascelles 
b. Galiena
m. Philip Moubray
C. Gunnild  
m. Uchtred, Lord of Galloway  
D. Hectreda / Octreda
m1. Randulph de Lindesay
m2. William de Esseville/Esseby
3 Gospatrick, 2nd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian (d 'Battle of the Standard' 23.08.1138)
m. Sybel Morel of Bearley (dau of Arkil Morel)
A. Gospatrick, 3rd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian (d 1166)
m. Derdere
i. Waldeve, 4th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian (d 1182)
m. Aline (d 20.08.1179)
a. Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian (b 1152, d 31.12.1232)
TSP names Patrick, William, Robert and Ada as his children but noted also that he "had apparently other children, perhaps daughters, but their names are unknown." TSP is not clear as to which wife bore the children but BE1883 attributes those 4 named children to Ada. 
m1. (1184) Ada (d 1200, dau of William 'the Lion', King of Scots)
-1 Patrick, 6th Earl of Dunbar (d 1248)
m. (c1213) Eupheme Stewart (d c1267, dau of Walter Stewart, 3rd Hereditary/High Steward of Scotland)
(A) Patrick, 7th Earl of Dunbar (b c1213, d 24.08.1289)
m. (1242) Cecilia (dau of John (Fraser ?))
(i) Sir Patrick 'black beard', 8th Earl of Dunbar, 1st Earl of March (b c1242, d 10.10.1308)
m. (by 1282) Marjorie Comyn (dau of Alexander Comyn, 2nd Earl of Buchan)
Patrick, 9th Earl of Dunbar, 2nd Earl of March, 'Earl of Moray' (b 1282, d 1368)
Signed the The Declaration Arbroath (1320) click here to read D 
m1. (before 1303) Ermengarde
((1))+ other issue (dvpsp) - Patrick (b 1304, d by 05.09.1351), Sir John 
m2. (c1322) Agnes Randolph (a 24.05.1367, dau of Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray)
(b) Margaret of Dunbar ..
m. Sir Richard Lundie of Lundie (a 1297) ..
(ii) Sir John of Dunbar (a 1286)
(iii) Sir Alexander of Dunbar (a 26.06.1331)
(a) Sir Patrick Dunbar (d 1356-7)
m. Isabella Randolph (dau of Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray)
((1)) George, 10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March (b c1340, d c1420)
m. Christiana de Seton (dau of Alan de Wyntoun)
  ((A)) Sir George, 11th Earl of Dunbar, 4th Earl of March (b c1370, d c1456)
'Sir George Dunbar of Kilconquhar'
m. Beatrix (d bfore1421) 
((i)) Patrick Dunbar, 2nd of Kilconquhar (dvp 1454)
m. Elizabeth Sinclair 
((a)) Patrick Dunbar, 3rd of Kilconquhar 
m. Christian Home 
(((1))) Patrick Dunbar, 4th of Kilconquhar (d before 1516)
m1. (before 21.06.1474) Janet Dunbar (dau of Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock and Mochrum) below 
(((A))) Patrick Dunbar, 5th of Kilconquhar (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. (c1501) Christian McDowell of Garthland
(((i))) Patrick Dunbar, 6th of Kilconquhar
m. Margaret Gordon
(((a))) Andrew Dunbar, 7th of Kilconquhar (dsp c1564)
  m. Eupheme Wemyss (d 16.11.1593, dau of Sir John Wemyss of Wemyss)
(((b))) Janet Dunbar (d 09.1566)
m1. (div) William Mundale
m2. William Adair in Altoun
(((c))) Elizabeth Dunbar (d unm 09.1566)
(((d))) Margaret Dunbar (d before 1582)
m1. William Macdowall of Freugh
m2. John Vaus
m3. (div) John Wemyss
m4. John Giffart in Gorme
(((e))) Alison Dunbar (a 1576)
  m. David McCulloch of Drouchtag
m2. (before 1498) Isabella Dishington
((b)) Margaret Dunbar ..
m. John Spens (5th) of Lathallan (d 1494) ..
((ii)) Marjorie Dunbar ..
m1. Sir John Swinton of that ilk (d Verneuil 17.08.1424)
m2. (c 04.1433) Lucas Stirling of Keir ..
((iii)) Euphemia Dunbar (d c1474)
m. George Graham 
((iv))+ other issue - George, Archibald of Little Spot and Balbuthie
((B)) Sir David Dunbar of Cockburn (a 1443, 6th son)
((i)) Margaret Dunbar (d c1498) ..
m1. Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford (d 1453) ..
m2. Sir William Wallace of Craigie
((C)) Elizabeth Dunbar 
m. (before 1396, div by 1400) David Stewart, Earl of Carrick (b 24.10.1378, dsp 26.03.1402)
((D))+ other issue - Sir Gavin (Wawan) of Newburn (d before 06.1418), Colin (Columba) (d c1435, Bishop of Moray), Patrick, John 
((H)) Janet Dunbar  ..
m1. Sir William de Seton (dvp Veneuil 17.08.1424) ..
m2. Adam Johnstone of that ilk (d 1454-5)
partner unknown 
((I)) Nicholas Dunbar
((2)) John Dunbar, 1st Earl of Moray (d before 15.02.1391-2) ..
m. Marjorie Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots) ..
((3)) Sir Patrick Dunbar of Biel (a 1438)
m. Euphemia Stewart, Countess of Strathearn and Caithness (dau of David Stewart, Earl of Strathearn)
((A))+ issue - Patrick, George
((4)) Agnes Dunbar   
m. (21.11.1372) Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith (d 1420)  
((5)) Sir David Dunbar of Cumnock (d before 1424)
((A)) Sir Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock (d before 1437)
((i)) Sir John Dunbar of Cumnock and Mochrum
((a)) Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock and Mochrum
(((1))) Euphemia Dunbar   
m. (before 21.06.1474) Sir James Dunbar of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray
 (d 20.04.1504)
(((2))) Margaret Dunbar 
m. (before 21.06.1474) Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
(((3))) Jonet Dunbar 
m. Patrick Dunbar, 4th of Kilconquhar above
((b)) Cuthbert Dunbar 
((6)) Elizabeth / Agnes Dunbar   
m. John Maitland of Thirlestane and Lethington (d c1395)  
(B) Waldeve of Dunbar (a 1271, rector of Dunbar)
(C) Thomas of Dunbar
(i) Thomas
(a) ?? de Learmonth
((1)) ?? de Learmonth
((A)) John Learmonth of Whitekirk (b c1370)  
m. Margaret Douglas   
(D) Isabel of Dunbar (a 1269)   
m1. Roger FitzJohn de Clavering of Clavering, Warkworth and Horsford (d 1249)  
m2. (before 19.05.1262) Sir Simon Baard (Bayard) (a 1288) 
-2 William of Dunbar (d 1253)
m. Christiana Corbet (d 1241, dau of Walter Corbet of Mackerston)
(A)+ issue - Nicholas of Mackerston (dsp), Patrick of Fogo, Walter
-3 Sir Robert (a 1258)
-4 Ada of Dunbar 
m1. William de Courtenay (d before 11.09.1217)
m2. (c1219) Theobald de Lascelles (d before 10.1225)
m3. William of Greenlaw @@ below
m2. (before 1218) Christina (widow of William de Brus of Annandale)
We have not yet identified Christina who is shown by some web sites to be her own great-granddaughter by her 1st husband! 
-5 Cecilia of Dunbar identified by various web sites   
m. James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland (b c1243, d 16.07.1309)  
b. Constantine (d young)
c. Alice / Helen  
m. Philip de Seton (a 1177)
ii. Patrick of the Hirsell and Greenlaw
m. Cecilia Fraser ??
a. William of Greenlaw had issue (possibly William of Home ??)
m. Ada of Dunbar (dau of Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian) @@ above
iii. daughter possibly of this generation   
m. Gilbert or Gillebride, 2nd Earl of Angus (d c1187)  
B. Waldeve (later called Adam)
C. Edward of Edlingham, etc
m. Sibilla
i. Waldeve
a. John (d before 1247)
D. Edgar 'Unnithing' 
m. Alice de Greystoke (dau of Ivo de Greystoke)
i. Alexander (dsp) 
ii. Patrick of Calstron/Kestern had issue
iii. Agnes of Dunbar
m. Anselm le Fleming
E. Uthred of Dundas (a temp David I of Scots 1124-1153) ..
F. Juliana
m. Ralph/Ranulph de Merlay, Lord of Morpeth
4 Octreda / Ethreda of Northumberland
m. Waldeve (son of Gillemin)
5 Gunnilda of Northumberland
m. Orm, lord of Allerdalte
6 Matilda of Northumberland
m. Dolfin (son of Aylward)
7 Aethelreda / Ethelreda of Northumberland
m. Duncan II, King of Scots (b 1060, d 12.11.1094)
Main sources: The Scots Peerage (Dunbar), BP1999 (Dunbar of Mochrum), Burke's Extinct Peerage 1883 (Dunbar).    
Dunbar 2

Families covered:
Dunbar of Aldcash, Dunbar of Baldoon, Dunbar of Conzie, Dunbar of Durris, Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of Kilbuyack,
Dunbar of Mochrum, Dunbar of Moray, Dunbar of Newton, Dunbar of Northfield, Dunbar of Thunderton, Dunbar of Westfield

John Dunbar, 1st Earl of Moray (d before 15.02.1391-2)
m. Marjorie Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scots)
1 Thomas Dunbar, 2nd Earl of Moray (d before 08.1422)
m. (before 02.1391/2) Margaret (probably d before 01.1421/2, possibly dau of Fraser of Frendraught) 
A. Thomas Dunbar, 3rd Earl of Moray (dspl c1427)
m. Margaret Seton (dau of William Seton) 
partner unknown 
i. Janet Dunbar 
m. Hugh Fraser, 8th of Lovat
2 Alexander Dunbar 
m. Matilda Fraser (dau of James Fraser of Frendraught)
A. James Dunbar, 4th Earl of Moray (d 10.08.1429)
BP1999 (Dunbar of Mochrum) reports that James was brother rather than cousin of the 3rd Earl.
m. Katherine (Janet) de Seton (dau of Sir Alexander de Seton, Lord Gordon)
i. Janet Dunbar (d before 1506) ..
m1. (c1443) James Crichton, 2nd Lord (d c1454/9) ..
m2. John Sutherland 
ii. Elizabeth (Mary/Agnes) Dunbar (d before 17.02.1485-6)
m1. (before 26.04.1442) Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray (d 01.05.1455)
m2. (mcrt 20.05.1445/1455, div) George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly (d c08.06.1501, Chancellor of Scotland)
m3. (before 1463) John Colquhoun of Luss (d 1479)
p. Isabel of Innes (dau of the laird of Innes, possibly Sir Alexander de Innes, 9th of that ilk) 
iii. Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield (d 10.03.1497/8)
m. (mcrt 03.01.1451-2) Isobel Sutherland (dau of Alexander Sutherland of Duffus)
a. Sir James Dunbar of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray (d 20.04.1504)
m. (before 21.06.1474) Euphemia Dunbar (dau of Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock and Mochrum)
-1 son had issue and others
-2 Christian Dunbar 
m. (1493) Alexander Innes, 13th of that ilk (d 1537) 
-3 Janet Dunbar  ..
m. (before 31.03.1476) Sir William Keith of Inverugie (d 1521) ..
b. Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
m1. (before 21.06.1474) Margaret Dunbar (dau of Patrick Dunbar of Cumnock and Mochrum)
-1 Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
Assumed to be of this generation but could be one later. Identified only through his daughter.
m. Catherine Maclellan 
(A) ?? Dunbar of Mochrum
(i) Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
(a) Grizel Dunbar 
m. (mcrt 17.11.1564) Alexander Dunbar of Conzie and Mochrum just below
(b) Eupheme Dunbar 
m. Uchtred Macdowall, 13th of Garthland (d by 1600)
(B) Janet Dunbar
m. (before 05.12.1528, sp?) Ninian Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn and Parton (d 1541)
The following information was kindly provided by a site visitor (HNk 20.11.03).
-2 George Dunbar (parson of Cumnock)
-3 Patrick Dunbar of Clugton or Clugstone
m. Margaret Vans (of Barnbarroch)
(A) Margaret Dunbar (d by 13.04.1552)
m. Alexander Stewart, 5th of Garlies (b c1507, d c1594)
m2. Janet Stewart (dau of Sir Alexander Stewart, 3rd of Garlies)
-4 Archibald Dunbar of Baldoon, Blackcraig, etc, Provost of Glasgow
m. Janet Mure (dau of _ Mure of Rowallon) 
(A) Gavin Dunbar of Baldoon (d 18.04.1618) 
m. Janet Cunningham 
(i) David Dunbar of Baldoon (b 25.01.1582, dsp before 1641) 
m. (09.02.1615) Janet Charteris of Armsfield 
(ii) Archibald Dunbar in Orchardton (b 25.07.1583, d before 1641) 
m. Mary 
  (a) Sir David Dunbar,1st Bart of Baldoon (b c1610, d 12.12.1686) 
m1. (05.1641) Elizabeth McCulloch (dau of John McCulloch of Myrtletown)
((1)) David Dunbar (dvp 20.03.1682) 
  m1. (12.08.1669) Janet Dalrymple (d 12.09.1669, dau of James Dalrymple, 1st Viscount of Stair) 
m2. (1674) Helenor Montgomerie (d 09.1687, dau of Hugh, 7th Earl of Eglintoun)
  ((A)) David Dunbar (d 1685) 
  ((B)) Mary Dunbar of Baldoon (b 1677, d 151.05.1760) 
m. (1691) Lord Basil Hamilton (bpt 16.12.1671, d 27.08.1701) 
  According to BP1934(Hope-Dunbar), Mary's grandfather's baronetcy was inheritable not just by the heirs male 'of his body' but also by 'his heirs of tailzie succeeding him in his lands'. This led to a successful claim to the baronetcy in 1916 by one of his descendants.
m2. (1666, sp) Anna Sydserf (dau of Sir Archibald Sydserf of Lowden) 
(B) John Dunbar (3rd son) 
m. (1568) Margaret Vans (dau of Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarrock) 
(C)+ other issue - Archibald, Alexander 
-5 Gavin Dunbar, Archbishop of Glasgow, Chancellor of Scotland
-6 James Dunbar of Glassnock or Glasnock (dsp)
-7 Marjory Dunbar
m. Sir William Maclellan of Bomby
-8 Marion Dunbar ..
m. Alexander Kennedy of Bargany ..
-9 Catherine Dunbar
m. Alexander Maclellan of Galston
c. Alexander Dunbar of Conzie, Kilbuyack and Aldcash (d c31.03.1493)
m. (10.1480) Janet Sutherland (dau of John Sutherland, 7th Earl of Sutherland) 
-1 James Dunbar of Conzie and Aldcash 
m. Ellen Innes 
(A) Alexander Dunbar of Conzie and Kilbuyack (d 27.02.1578/9)
m. (c1554) Elizabeth Forbes (d 12.1570, dau of John Forbes, 6th Lord)
(i) Alexander Dunbar of Conzie and Mochrum
m. (mcrt 17.11.1564) Grizel Dunbar (dau of Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum) just above
(a) Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
Input here from the Vans Family Archive (see under 'Agnew01').
m. (1587) Elizabeth Kennedy (dau of John Kennedy of Blairquhan)
((1)) Alexander Dunbar of Mochrum
  ((A)) Alexander (or Sir John) Dunbar (d 1656)
((2)) Sarah Elizabeth Dunbar
m. Alexander Agnew of Lochryan (d 1680)
(b) Alexander Dunbar of Pankill
m. Nicola Stewart (dau of Sir Alexander Stewart, 6th of Garlies)
((1)) John Dunbar of Mochrum (d 1661)
m. Marjory Urquhart (dau of Thomas Urquhart of Burdsyards)
  ((A)) Thomas Dunbar of Mochrum (d 1675)
m. Christian Ross (dau of James Ross of Balneil)
((i)) Sir James Dunbar, 1st Bart of Mochrum (d 1718)
m1. (11.02.1679) Isabella Nicolson (dau of Sir Thomas Nicolson, Bart)
  ((a)) Sir George Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Mochrum (d 10.1747) had issue
m. Janet Young (d 18.05.1764, dau of Sir John Young of Lenie)
  ((b)) John Dunbar
m2. dau of Kennedy of Minuchen
(ii) William Dunbar, 1st of Hempriggs (d before 30.10.1636, 4th son)
m. Margaret Anderson 
(a) John Dunbar, 2nd of Hempriggs
((1)) John Dunbar, 3rd of Hempriggs (d before 03.04.1666)
m. Anne Fraser (dau of Andrew Fraser, Commissary of Inverness)
  ((A)) Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bart of Hempriggs (d 1711)
m. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron)
((i)) Benjamin Dunbar (dvpsp)
m. Janet Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair of Ulbster)
((ii)) Elizabeth Dunbar (b c1677, d 11.03.1756)
m1. Sir Robert Gordon, 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun (b 07.03.1647, d 05.09.1704)
m2. (1705) James Sutherland, later Dunbar, 1st Bart of Hempriggs (d 1724)
  ((B)) Sir Robert Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Northfield (d 1742)
m. (1675) Mary Sinclair (dau of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster) 
((i)) Sir Patrick Dunbar, 3rd Bart of Northfield (b 1677, d 05.04.1763)
m1. Catherine Sinclair (dau of William Sinclair of Dunbeath)
  Brodie records show Catherine Brodie as mother of Elizabeth only. Other children presumed by Catherine Sinclair.
  ((a)) John Dunbar (b c1726, dvpsp 1749)
  ((b)) William Dunbar (dvpsp before 04.07.1758)
  ((c)) Margaret Dunbar (d 17.12.1729)
m. Rev. Dr. Oswald
m2. Catherine Brodie (dau of Joseph Brodie of Milntoun)
  ((d)) Elizabeth Dunbar (d 1782) 
m. (1744) James Sinclair of Durran (b 1718, d 1793)
  ((C)) Anne Dunbar 
m. George Sinclair of Barrock
  ((D)) Janet Dunbar 
m. (1657) Patrick Cuming of Erneside
((2)) James (?) Dunbar 
  ((A)) Archibald Dunbar of Newton and Thunderton (d 03.05.1689)
m1. (12.05.1666) Elizabeth Hacket (d 27.07.1678, dau of Walter Hacket of Mayen)
((i)) Robert Dunbar of Newton and Thunderton (b 02.1670, d 09.1742)
m. (27.11.1690) Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Colin Mackenzie of Pluscarden)
  ((a)) Sir Archibald Dunbar of Newton and Thunderton, de jure 4th Bart of Northfield (d 13.01.1769) had issue 
m1. (1735) Helen Dunbar (dau of Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton) just below
m2. (1750) Anne Bayne (d 26.11.1780)
  ((b)) William Dunbar (d 03.1783, Captain)
  ((ii)) Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton, Sheriff of Moray, Provost of Elgin (b 1671, dspm 16.04.1733)
m1. (01.08.1703) Rebecca Adamson (dau of Rev. James Adamson)
  ((a)) Rebecca Dunbar 
  ((b)) Helen Dunbar 
  m. (1735) Sir Archibald Dunbar of Newton and Thunderton, de jure 4th Bart of Northfield (d 13.01.1769) just above
m2. Phillis Walker 
  m2. (28.04.1681) Katherine Innes (d 04.02.1686, dau of Sir Walter Innes, 2nd Bart of Balveny)
(b) Isobel Dunbar 
m. (before 19.06.1613) Thomas Hepburn of Inverlochty
(c)+ other issue - James (a 1643), Robert, Ninian
(iii)+ other issue - David of Kinstairie, Patrick of Eastergrange, Gavin (Archdeacon of Moray)
(B) Marjory Dunbar
m. (c1520) John Rose of Ballivat 
-2 Mariot Dunbar probably of this family
m. David Falconer of Halkerton (a 10.1546)
d. Gavin Dunbar, Bishop of Aberdeen (d 09.03.1531-2)
e. David Dunbar of Durris
-1 ?? Dunbar of Durris
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
(A) ?? Dunbar of Durris
(i) Mark Dunbar, 1st of Grangehill (a 1592) --
(ii) Marjory Dunbar possibly of this generation  --
m. (1553) Alexander Brode of that ilk (d 1583)  --
f. Margaret Dunbar 
m. Robert Munro of Foulis (d Pinkie 08.09.1547)
3 James Dunbar (b c1390)
4 Euphemia Dunbar 
m. (mcrt 28.05.1408) Alexander Cumming
Main sources: The Scots Peerage (Moray), Burke's Peerage 1934 (Dunbar of Mochrum), Burke's Peerage 1934 (Dunbar of Northfield), Burke's Peerage 1934 (Hope-Dunbar).  


Dunbar 3
Families covered:
Dunbar of Durn, Dunbar of Grangehill

Mark Dunbar, 1st of Grangehill (a 1592)
1 Ninian Dunbar of Grangehill
m1. (mcrt 16.02.1614) Mary Ogilvy (dau of Walter Ogilvy of Dunlugas and Banff)
m2. Christian Dunbar 
Not known which wife was mother of which child.
A. Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill (d 1659)
The following comes from cross-references from within the database. This Sir Robert is presumed father of ... 
i. Sir Robert Dunbar of Grangehill
m. (1664) Grizzel Brodie (b 1636, dau of Alexander Brodie of Brodie) wife of Robert, presumed mother of ... 
a. Robert Dunbar of Grangehill
m. (1682) Katharine Brodie (b 1663, d 1701, dau of James Brodie of Brodie) wife of Robert, presumed mother of ... 
-1 Robert Dunbar of Grangehill father of Katharine, presumed father of ... 
(A) ?? Dunbar
(i) Thomas Dunbar of Grangehill, later of Westfield possibly of this generation 
  m. (26.02.1762) Janet Dunbar (b c1742, d 16.09.1769, dau of Sir William Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Hempriggs)
(B) Katharine Dunbar
m. (20.09.1740) Thomas Wedderburn (b 02.04.1710, d 01.1711)
B. David Dunbar of Kirkhill (d 14.02.1691)
m1. Margery Seton (dau of Sir William Seton of Pitmedden)
m2. Janet Leslie of Pitcaple
Not known which wife was mother of ...
i. John Dunbar of Kincourt
a. Robert Dunbar of Baddinspink (a 1727, minister)
-1 John Dunbar (a 1788, minister)
m. Janet Grant (dau of George Grant of Aberdeen)
(A) Sir Robert Dunbar, 5th Bart of Durn (b 06.01.1780, d 11.11.1813) had issue
m. (22.10.1801) Elizabeth Margaret Fyfe (d 14.01.1831, dau of William Fyfe of Jamaica)
(B) William Dunbart of Elgin had issue
(C) George Dunbar (d unm)
C. Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bart of Durn (a 1697)
m. Janet Brodie (dau of John Brodie, Dean of Aldearn)
i. Sir James Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Durn (bpt 09.01.1665, d 11.1737)
m. (18.05.1692) Mary Baird (d 11.11.1737, dau of Sir James Baird of Auchmedden)
a. Sir William Dunbar, 3rd Bart of Durn (d 28.01.1786)
m1. (1737) Clementina Grant (d 01.06.1765, dau of Sir James Grant of Grant)
m2. Jane Bartlet of Banff
Not certain which wife was mother of ...
-1 Sir James Dunbar, 4th Bart of Durn (bur 20.01.1812)
b. James Dunbar of Kincorth
ii. Anne Dunbar (b c1672, d 14.08.1708) --
m. (1687) James Ogilvy, 4th Earl of Findlater, 1st Earl of Seafield (b 11.07.1663, d 15.08.1730)  --
iii. Grizel Dunbar apparently of this generation 
m. (1695) James Gordon, 5th of Letterfourie (b 1660, d 1748) 
iv. Jean Dunbar apparently of this generation 
m. William Duff of Dipple (b 1653, d 1722)
v.+ other issue - William, George, Catherine reported by site visitor ABofB (30.09.06) 
D. John Dunbar of Wellhead had issue
E. daughter possibly of this generation 
m. Duncan Mackintosh (d 1651)
Main sources: Burke's Peerage 1999 (Dunbar of Durn)            


Families covered:
Dunbar of Burgie, Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of West Grange, Tulloch of Burgie 

Alexander Dunbar (Dean of Moray) 
p. ?? (possibly a dau of Sir Nicholas Tulloch, vicar of Ruthven) 


Alexander Dunbar (d 1593, Dean of Moray, Senator of the Court of Justice) 
m. (1561) Katherine Reid of Aikenway (d 1610, sister of Walter Reid, Abbot of Kinloss) 
A. Thomas Dunbar of West Grange (d 1620, Dean of Moray, 2nd son) 
m. Grissell Crichton (dau of Sir Robert Crichton of Eliock, sister of the Admirable Crichton) 
i. Alexander Dunbar of West Grange, Sheriff of Moray (d before 03.1642) 
m1. (03.1624, sp) Jean Campbell (sister of John Campbell of Calder) 
m2. (01.1632) Jean Cockburn (dau of Sir William Cockburn of Langton) 
a. William Dunbar of West Grange (d 1649) 
b. Thomas Dunbar of West Grange
m1. (mcrt 15.08.1659) Jean Robertson or Colzian 
-1 Jean Dunbar
m2. (1666) Katherine Gordon (reportedly dau of Sir Ludovick Gordon, Bart of Gordonstoun)
-2 Ludovick Dunbar of West Grange
m1. (29.06.1693) Elizabeth Cunningham 
(A) Lucia Dunbar (d 1734) 
m1. Hugh Gordon of Tarrell 
m2. (sps) Robert Cumming of Logie 
(B) Margaret Dunbar
(C) Anne Dunbar
m. John Grant of Ruthven 
m2. (14.01.1709) Elizabeth Dunbar 
(D) Joseph Dunbar
m. Sophia Campbell 
(i) Lewis Dunbar of Grange and Burgie House (d 09.11.1827)
m. (14.06.1796) Sophia Brodie of Lethen (b 12.02.1759, dsp 26.09.1829)
(E) Mary Dunbar
(F) Katherine Dunbar
m. James Strachan of Aberdeen 
(G) Jane Dunbar
m. James Spens of Alves 
(H) Grissell Dunbar
m. _ Creighton 
(I) Naomi Dunbar
m. (1743) Robert Tulloch of Bogton 
(i) Alexander Findlay Tulloch of Burgie 
m. Mary McCay 
(a) Robert Tulloch of Burgie (d 1844) had issue 
m. _ Grant 
(b)+ other issue - Elizaebth, Lydia, Jane 
(ii) Elizabeth Tulloch
m. Wlliam Dunbar (town clerk of Forres) 
(iii)+ other issue - Thomas of Elliston, Lewis, Joseph, Robert 
-3 Alexander Dunbar
-4 Catherine Dunbar
m. (mcrt 09.08.1692) George Munro of Culraine (d 1724)
-5 Margaret Dunbar
m. (mcrt 26.03.1697) Alexander Dunbar of Barmuckety 
-6 Elizabeth Dunbar
m. (mcrt 06.08.1693) Joseph Brodie of Milntown 
m3. (1684) Katherine Melville 
c. Lilias Dunbar
m. (1676) Francis Brodie of Bellivat 
d. Jane Dunbar
m. Donald Mackintosh of Kyllachy 
-1 Anna Mackintosh
m. Alexander Shaw of Tordarroch 
-2 Marjory Mackintosh
m. George Paterson (Commissary of Ross) 
-3 Jean Mackintosh
m. William McBean of Kinehyle 
  (4)+ other issue - Angus, William, Thomas 
e. Anna Dunbar
m. (1643) John Forbes, 2nd of Culloden (b 1609, d 1687)
partner(s) unknown 
f. Patrick Dunbar (a 1675) 
m. Katharine Dunbar 
g. David Dunbar
ii. James Dunbar (d 1655) 
m. Katherine Grant of Elchies 
a. Thomas Dunbar (d unm 1710 or 04.09.1674) 
iii. Thomas Dunbar (d 09.1674) 
m. Agnes Spens 
iv. Robert Dunbar (minister) 
v. Margaret Dunbar
m1. John Grant of Rothiemurchus 
m2. William Mackintosh of Strone and Gask (son of the laird of Borlam) 
vi. Katharine Dunbar
m1. (1616) David Brodie of Brodie (d 22.09.1623) 
m2. Alexander Dunbar of Westfield (d 1644) 
B. Robert Dunbar of Burgie (d 1640) 
m1. Isobel Sharp (a 1633) 
i. Margaret Dunbar
m. Patrick Dunbar of Westerton 
ii. Isabella Dunbar
m. George Leith of Overhalls 
iii.+ other issue - Jean, Elizabeth 
p./m2. Jean Campbell (d 1655, she m2. George Gordon of Newton)
v. Robert Dunbar of Burgie and Hempriggs (b before 1620?, d 1690) 
m1. (after 24.05.1642) Isobel Crichton 
a. Robert Dunbar of Burgie (d before 1692) 
m1. (1676) Elizabeth Gordon (d 1681) 
  (1)+ issue - Robert (b 1677, d young), Joan (b 1678) 
m2. (1682) Naomi Forbes (dau of John Forbes, 2nd of Culloden, by Anne Dunbar) 
-3 John Dunbar (d 1751) 
m. Ann McKenzie 
(A)+ issue - Alexander (dvp), John, Robert (to Carolina), Jean, Susanna 
-4 Lucia Dunbar 
m2. Isobel Leslie 
b. John Dunbar of Hempriggs (d 1689) 
c. Alexander Dunbar of Bishopmill (dsp 1723) 
m. Margaret Ayton 
d. Isobel Dunbar (bpt 10.04.1651) 
C. Jean Dunbar
m. (mcrt 18.01.1586) John Dunbar, 1st of Moyness 
D. Margaret Dunbar
m. Robert Leslie of Findrassie 
E. Isobel Dunbar
m1. Patrick Dunbar of Boghole 
m2. Alexander Tulloch of Tannachie 
F. Katherine Dunbar
m. James Hay 
G.+ other issue - Alexander (d 1593), Elizabeth (d 18.10.1577) 

Main source(s): 'The Book of Burgie' by Rev. James G. Murray of Rafford, printed in Edinburgh for private circulation in 1930 (extracts of which were kindly provided to Stirnet by AB, 10.05.06).

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