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How To Contribute      


Fund Status:  $$$$$ are available

New Sponsorship Awards and Requirements
(Effective November 15, 2009)

The General Dunbar Sponsorship Fund provides partial payment of the cost of the DNA test to assist Newcomers to our project.  The Fund is only available to Initial kit orders and does not apply to upgrades.  

When Funding permits, the Sponsorships listed below are available with the purchase of a 67 Y-DNA marker Test Kit. 

Not positive if you would qualify?  Please be sure to ask. 
Y-DNA37 or 67 Marker Kit is required for the following Sponsorships:
1. $30.00usd - Any male Dunbar. Guaranteed to all who meet the Requirements below.

     **** If your line goes back as far as the 1700's, it is highly recommended you purchase
           a YDNA67 marker kit to make your Results beneficial to you and the other Project
Y-DNA67 Marker Kit is required for the following Sponsorships:
1. $50.00usd - Any male Dunbar with documented lineage back to the 1700's not already
     represented in the Project.
2. $75.00usd - Any male Dunbar with a documented lineage back to the 1600's not already
     represented in the Project.
3. $100.00usd - Any male Dunbar with a documented lineage back to the 1500's not already
     represented in the the Project.
Requirements for receiving Sponsorship
1. Complete the Sponsorship Request Form below.

2. Order test kit via Internet or call your order in to FTDNA. 
    (See instructions below for outside U.S. )   
    Order Kit
    For phone orders, please contact  FTDNA (713) 868-1438.

3. Included with the Test Kit will be a form to join the FTDNA Matching Program.  The Matching
    Program will notify you, via email, whenever anyone else in the FTDNA database matches your
    DNA.  The Matching Program is a vital part of the Project and the main reason a person joins
    the Project.  All our Participants belong to this Program.  This form must be signed and
    returned with the kit.

4. Completed DNA Test kit must be returned to FTDNA within 30 days of receipt and Paid in Full.

5.  A detailed pedigree, (paternal Dunbar lineage only) going back to your earliest documented
     ancestor  is needed. Please fill in the Pedigree section on the Sponsorship Request Form.

    (For those outside the U.S., special ordering Instructions are needed to apply
    the Sponsorship funds to your purchase.  Please contact Debra Dunbar Nowell,
    the Project Administrator for  instructions.) 
 DunbarDNA at Gmail.com

     When all 5 Requirements are met a refund, for the approved Sponsorship amount, will be
     issued directly to you.

Current Targeted families to receive a minimum $100.00usd Sponsorship

(67 Marker Kit required)

A documented Direct male descendant of Gospatric of Dunbar

If you are interested in pursuing a Sponsorship from the Dunbar DNA Sponsorship Fund, please complete the form on the Sponsorship Request page. 
Dunbar DNA Sponsorship Application
to apply


Our project has set up a Contribution Fund with FamilyTree DNA. Your donations are welcome.

Benefits of your contribution

The more men tested; the better our project will succeed in discovering those missing links between our ancestors thus your contribution will encourage more participation.

How to Target your contribution:

Donors may request their contribution target a specific Dunbar Lineage.
      Example: $50.00
usd any male Dunbar with proven ancestry from Orkney, Scotland        
                        Example: 50% off Y-DNA37 marker kit for a person with documented ancestry to Samuel and Catherine Dunbar


 Or send to: 

Attn: Dunbar General Fund
Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd.

World Headquarters
1919 North Loop West, Suite 110 Houston, Texas 77008, USA
Phone: (713) 868-1438 | Fax: (832) 201-7147

 Make checks payable to: FamilyTree DNA
Be sure to note that you want the donation to go toward the Dunbar Surname Project


Targeted Contributions:

Currently no specific targeted requests.






Amount Donor Note
$500.00 Anonymous Jul 2009
$340.00 2011 DNA Gathering Raffle Sep 2011
$300.00 Anonymous Sep 2011
$300.00 Anonymous   Jun 2012
$250.00 2012 DNA Gathering Raffle Apr 2012
$200.00 Anonymous   Jun 2012
$200.00 Christine Kuhn  
$167.00 2009 DNA Gathering Raffle Jul 2009
$140.00 Ed Cunnea  
$115.00 2010 DNA Gathering Raffle Apr 2010
$100.00 Anonymous   Jun 2012
$70.00 Ann & D. Chaplin  
$50.00 Jim & Susan Mattern  
$50.00 Michael W. McMillen In memory of Martha Easter Dunbar Burke
$50.00 Monica Dunbar Smith In memory of Edward William Dunbar (1907 - 1985)
$50.00 William R. Dunbar  
$50.00 Jim & Susan Mattern  
$50.00 Trish Gray  
$30.00 Alan Dunbar Binkerd  
$30.00 Alan Binkerd  
$30.00 Shirley & Gene McVay  
$25.00 Charles H. Dunbar  
$25.00 Christine Kuhn  
$25.00 Debra Dunbar Nowell In Memory of Gospatric
$25.00 Debra Dunbar Nowell In Memory of Donn Dutt Dunbar
$25.00 Charles Dunbar  
$20.00 Mary Jo Barton  
$20.00 Elaine B. Flouter  
$20.00 Trish Gray In Memory of husband Marc Gray
$20.00 Barbara Langworth  
$19.00 Bruce & Eileen Dunbar  

Don & Miriam Cade








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